Robotics captivated my interest because I’ve always had an inclination towards science and engineering, and it was in robotics that I found my love of programming. Being the lead programmer this year is a great honor, and it allows me to gain experience with leadership that I never really had before. I look forward to learning as much as I can about programming and being a member of the team.  And since programming is an area I already feel fairly comfortable with, it is helping me become a leader to help others.  Being a member of the robotics team is an honor, and to me, being a member means that I have the privilege to work around others who share the same passion for robotics as I do, to be able to trust others on the team, and to be able to work together well, even though we may have opposing views on certain problems.


The original reason I joined robotics was because my friends were in robotics and I had always liked building things. As my first season progressed, the more I realized that I made the right decision, to join robotics. I wasn’t just building things in robotics I was making new friends. I met people I would never ordinarily associate myself with. I also learned many skills when it comes to working in a shop. I learned more and more skills with every day that came. I learned that FTC wasn’t even the best (at the time I thought so). I learned that the even bigger 120 lb robots were built by the high school I planned on attending. Overall, in robotics I have learned how to do so many things and these are thanks to the Coaches that I am lucky enough to have. I have never regretted my first decision, to join robotics.


This is my first year on team 2839, Daedalus. This is my fourth year of robotics, and I am a sophomore. This program has taught me many things, but the main subject that I want to learn is programming. It is the future of the world, and the FIRST program is an amazing way for me to learn more about it. Also, working in the shop is a lot of fun to learn about and to be a part of. Being a member of this team means a lot to me. It is hard work, dedication, passion, and a ton of fun. All of us work really hard together to reach our goals, and I am glad that I made the choice to join Team Daedalus.


I have always wanted to pursue a career in engineering, but didn’t know where to start. I never got the chance to participate in a program like this one at any of my previous schools so I started robotics at the start of my freshman year a little unsure of what to expect, but I enjoyed it immediately. I like math and working with my hands so I feel like I belong in the machine shop. My job as a fabricator fits well with my likes and it has taught me how to use important tools, a skill that is not confined to robotics. Besides this I have learned infinitely more important skills such as problem solving and teamwork. I never felt much of a calling for physical sports and the sports I did play were solo sports, so this feeling of being part of a team was fairly new to me when I started in team Daedalus, but is now a familiar experience. I have a great bunch of teammates and coaches relying on me to do my job well, and I always do my best to exceed their expectations.


Being on Daedalus has allowed me to learn how to use tools and apply that knowledge on the challenges of building a functional robot. It has also helped me gain experience in working with a team and in an engineering shop to reach my ultimate goal of going to college to become an engineer. Working on Team 2839 has given me the chance to work with tools to put things together with my own two hands. To be on the team means that I am one step closer to getting achieving my goal of becoming an engineer. 


The last few months of robotics have been really beneficial towards me, I’ve been learning about tools from the coaches and I’ve learned the value of teamwork and what it takes to be a winning team. With all of that said I look forward to getting more experienced, being able to help more, and look forward for me and my team to make it to the championship and get first place.


The best part about being on Daedalus is getting to use my talents and skills in a competitive way. It gives me the thrill of a sport without having to be an athlete. My team feels like an extended family to me, and it’s a joy to work and compete alongside them. To be a member of this team means that you are committed to education, enjoy the “coopertition” attitude promoted by FIRST, and have a desire to learn and experience new things.


I am in 10th grade, and I am on team 2839 Daedalus. I have always been very interested in robotics from a very young age. Due to my parents and my teachers, I have always loved to build and to create things from scratch. My first grade teacher in particular, once told me to become an engineer because I would be great at it, and her words have carried with me ever since.

During my time in FIRST, I really hope to get a lot of experience of working in a shop and being a leader. In the future, I wish to become a mechanical engineer, so this kind of experience is very beneficial for me. On our team, I am a fabricator and a builder, and I simply love it. I really love using my hands to create a robot that I know is top-tier. I am really thankful to FIRST for giving me this opportunity and will always treasure these days and experiences.


Robotics to me is one of the best programs I have had the pleasure to be involved in thus far in my academic career. In robotics, I feel included and a part of a greater project, one that I have a hand in and feel significant in. As of now, I have learned to use many tools that I believe will improve the way I deal with mechanical problems in the future as I go about my day-to-day business. I initially joined Robotics for elective credits and social participation, but in seeking these things, I have gained knowledge and opportunities to learn how to manipulate metal physically, for which I am grateful.


I am interested in robotics because I get to work with our team to take challenges from ideas to design and then build something that works to accomplish the challenge. We, the students, all have different backgrounds and skills. Some team members know and like Solidworks, web page design, marketing, and programming. Others have skills working in fabrication, assembly, and electronics. Some just come with a positive attitude and the desire to learn. Anybody can join our team if they are dedicated to working hard. We love having fun teaching and learning from each other and our coaches. We are grateful that we have great coaches who care about us. They make the priority of safety first, quality second, and speed third. They make sure we all learn skills that will help us in life to solve problems and work with others.

Every year, I hope to gain more skills on creativity, design, fabrication, assembly, and electronics. Also, it’s great making new friends through robotics at school and at the competitions. At the competitions, we see how other teams approach the same challenge.

We have a very well-organized shop that allows us to work more efficiently. Everything is returned to its place and debris cleaned up each day so we will be ready for the next session. The thing I like most about working in the shop is seeing the robot come together and seeing everyone add the pieces that they created. I am on the electronics team and I enjoy selecting the components, figuring out where to put them on the robot, and making the connections for the code and the power on the robot. It is exciting for me to see that all of the connections work and the robot works as we planned. Being part of the team means that I am part of something much bigger than myself. I am part of a unit where everyone is expected to do their part and everyone is depending on everyone else to do their part. We must all make sure that everyone knows their job and is doing ok with it because we need everyone to do well in order to be successful as a team.