Since we are nearly done with everything, the team that worked on our bots has less to do.  So, some of the coaches decided that we would begin teaching the newer team members how to answer questions that judges may have for them.  As well as how to scout effectively. We used the video of the scrimmage in New Hampshire from Saturday. The programmers also worked on making the cargo design automated.  For the most part they were able to do so, however, the program is only automated once the robot is able to detect the lines on the ground. Once the robot is able to detect the lines, the functions of the hatch and cargo designs will be automatic.  The SolidWorks team worked on making a cardboard case for one of out 3D printers. They need a case because it has to maintain a warm temperature otherwise it won’t print right. We have also been working on our climber, which is the only thing that is not currently on our robot.