Since there has been no school the last few days here at ECHS, we have set up the field in the hallway.  As soon as the robot is all good to go we will get our drive team practicing on the field. The programming team worked on getting the hatch design mostly automated.  As well as all the different levels that the elevator needs to go to for the rocket. The rest worked on finishing up the bots, although a few problem aroused we were able to fix them.  One thing that happened was the elevator on our practice bot came off its rails while the programmers were testing it. We had rushed a little on getting the elevator put together and it wasn’t secured tightly enough, thankfully nothing/no one got hurt.  The Chain was also too loose on the elevator, which was an easy fix. We also brought our pit into the shop from where we store it down the street. We plan on setting it up in our shop so that we have something similar to the way the competition will be set up.  So that we can practice as efficiently as possible.