Today we worked on fixing a problem with the elevator because the structure of it was uneven.  That was one of the first things we did today. We also got the materials we need to continue making buttons.  We plan on having 2,000 buttons per event this year, 500 of each button. So far we are close to getting enough for one event, we’ve counted all of them and found out how many more of each we need.  We were able to create a mount for the navX. The electronics team finished wiring the practice bot, and are almost done with the competition bot. They also got the cable track onto both robots for the elevator.  When the practice bot was given to the programmers, they began testing out the elevator to make sure that it worked. However, somehow it went too fast and went through our ceiling panels. Probably the most exciting part of the day!  We also began working on making new bumpers for this year. Although we don’t have enough of the same color blue, so we ordered some more but we’re not sure of it will match the colors we have now.