The marketing team worked on painting the life support system a bronze color today, and are still debating what to do for the color of the helmets.  Another team is working on replicating the rocket.  We were able to begin programming on our practice bot today as well, but before that was possible we got the chain for the elevator attached and the wiring all nice and neat, as well as filing down some zip ties.  For our competition bot, things are moving slowly but they’re moving.  We are working on the spot for the battery now as well as the plexiglass panels that go on the side.  More people worked on prototyping today as well, we’re mainly focusing on the cargo mechanism at the moment.  We have set up a pickup with wheels vertical and horizontal so we can decide which works better and another design that doesn’t involve wheels.  The system is three curved arms that cradle the ball, two of the arms are on the bottom and one is at the top and will come down to hold the ball in place, and a piston will eject the ball from the arms and shoot it up and into the rocket.