We spent the first hour or so today, trying to prototyping designs for the cargo and hatch mechanisms.  We were able to get the last half of the electronic packages on today, as well as the third stage of the elevator on the practice bot.  The one group that worked on replicating the hatch drop almost finished and are still working on replicating the cargo drop.  Our marketing team worked on costumes for our drive team this year. The SolidWorks team was able to get what we had built for our robot so far into SolidWorks.  Which would include the electronic packages, the base, and wheels with their motors, the first two stages of the elevator system as well as other various things.  All three stages of the elevator have been mounted to our practice robot.  Although the robot’s elevator is taller than is needed for the challenge, we are going to keep it at the height it is at now.