The beginning of today we went over the limits for the cargo device, hatch cover, and the lift. We were able to decide exactly what we want and don’t want our mechanisms to do. After that, several students had designs for the cargo and hatch cover mechanisms and presented them. The rest of the group will be presenting their ideas on Wednesday. Once we finished going over all that everyone went to their group and started working. The SolidWorks team was able to get the first two stages of the elevator system into SolidWorks. The group working on the elevator was able to get the first two stages of the elevator mounted to the robot. They are still working on the third stage. The electronic group was able to get about half of the electronic package on one of our bots. Another group was able to start replicating the hatch cover drop so we can better design the hatch mechanism. They are also trying to do the same for the cargo drop, but have not started this yet. Our lead designer created amazing buttons for this year that tells an amazing story. Today she was continuously making these buttons (we have a bunch!!).