Today our programmers were able to download the Visual Studio Code programming system and started to get accustomed to it. They also started playing with LED lights, which we will use to detect how far the robot is from an object. Different color lights will mean different distances. The group working on the elevator adjustments were able to get the stages cut to the length we need. We weren’t able to get any part of the elevator mounted today, but the first level is close and will most likely be able to go on Monday. On our competition robot, we were able to get all four motors and wheels attached and working. It took longer than expected because the axles were too long, to begin with. On our practice bot, we were able to get a lot done as well. We made a place for the battery to be stored on the robot as well as all the motors and wheels attached. We also installed mesh on the bottom for the electronic package. The SolidWorks team was able to get the electronics package modeled as well as the first stage of the elevator and are still working on getting the rest of the stages.